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Cold Feet, A Comedy Extravaganza

L-R Andy De La Cruz,Ricky O.I. and Cotton Wood in Cold Feet, A Comedy Extravanganza. Photo credit Stephen Panos
L-R Andy De La Cruz,Ricky O.I. and Cotton Wood in Cold Feet, A Comedy Extravanganza. Photo credit Stephen Panos
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Cold Feet, A Comedy Extravaganza waas presented as part of the 2023 and 17th annual FRIGID Fringe Festival.

An enthusiastic audience shuffled into the basement theater steps from Thompson Square Park. Upon entering, each guest received a pair of 3-D glasses.

Andy De La Cruz. Photo by Stephen Panos
Andy De La Cruz. Photo by Stephen Panos

The show began with John Williams’ theme music from the movie Jurassic Park. An ersatz John Hammond appeared, igniting a manic comedic sequence of clone humor. He exclaimed, “Through the miracles of closing technology, we have been able to isolate the Cold Feet gene.”  The scene faded as the clones devoured the earth.

From here, we chase the Jurassic Park metaphor and segue into a zoo to meet Shelly (Ricky O. I.), the orangutan with whom Zachery (Andy De La Cruz) has a crush. The zookeeper (Cotton Wood) interviewing Zachery for a zoo job tries to maintain his composure, but Zachery is persistently peculiar.

Ricky O.I. Photo credit Stephen Pano
Ricky O.I. Photo credit Stephen Pano

The hour of laughs continued with wacky skits, stand-up comedy, a fake 3-D scene with balloons and soap bubbles, wild music, and the hilarity and charm of Ricky O.I.’s songs of funny, clever parodies with his solid guitar accompaniment.

Clever wordplay and jokes continued, whether describing a strange visit to the doctor, an odd marriage, stereotypes, the Green Suit Man featuring Andy De La Cruz, a visit to the hairdresser, the ex-girlfriend song, or a high-stakes spelling bee.

From the onset, the show was saucy with an eccentric style of humor, bizarre characters like Shelly the orangutan with her goofy grunts and screams, and off-the-wall skits. Laughs were guaranteed through the sequences of impudence, knee-slapping silliness, physical comedy, parody, surrealism, and wordplay.

Cotton Wood. Photo by Stephen Panos
Cotton Wood. Photo by Stephen Panos

Recorded and live music performed by the troupe added to the festive atmosphere. The lighting and sound were outstanding and atmospheric. Cotton Wood’s stand-up drew audience acclaim, as did the guitar work and singing of Andy De La Cruz and Ricky O.I. De La Cruz, who also basked in his Green Man Suit bit.

Cold Feet, A Comedy Extravaganza

Written and directed by Ricky O.I., Andy De La Cruz, and Cotton Wood.

At the theater of UNDER St. Marks
Basement Level
94 St. Marks Place
New York, NY 10003

Info can be found at

Runtime 60 minutes with no intermission

The FRIGID Fringe festival Runs through March 3.  Tickets available at

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Cold Feet, A Comedy Extravaganza

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