Lucie Jones at 54 Below

Lucie Jones at 54 Below. Courtesy
Lucie Jones at 54 Below. Courtesy

NEW YORK – Lucie Jones at 54 Below

Back in 2010, Lucie Jones was asked at her first audition on X Factor by one of the judges, “Where would you like to see yourself in five years’ time?” Her response, “I just want to make people hear me sing and think, ‘Wow!’”

Lucie Jones, you have made that happen!!!

At 54 Below last night, all of us were not just thinking WOW, but cheering, clapping, hollering, and jumping to our feet to give her three standing ovations. WOW!

Lucie Jones, since that X Factor introduction to the world, has not only traveled internationally performing in some of the most iconic musicals of our time, but she has also become Musical Royalty on London’s West End.  Last night, she made her New York debut. In the audience were those just discovering her for the first time, as well as many who had seen her performances at the West End and made a point to be there for her. Some members of the West End musical world were also on hand to cheer her on.

Lucie Jones, there seems to be nothing you can’t do in song:  Billy Joel’s “Vienna” was gut-wrenching. “She Used to Be Mine” from the musical Waitress and “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables had me in tears, feeling the depth of the songs, the truth of their narrative. I have cheered at 54 Below in the past but have never been so deeply touched as to cry.

Jones and her pianist and music director, the only other voice on the stage, Jacob Yates, brought the house down again and again. When Jones sang Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now,” couples all around the room reached out to one another, while others (I wasn’t the only one) whipped tears from their eyes. So poignant, so beautiful. Joni would be over the moon.

In between songs, Jones’s banter is hilarious and self-deprecating. She is that friend, the one you want to hook arms with and walk and talk and laugh with. The one you feel at home with. Her vocal range is limitless, and her passion for the music she gifted us puts her whole being into each song.

She gave us a sneak peek at the new musical 13 Going On 30, based on the 2004 movie. It is set to open this summer.  And reminded us of “Nothing Stops Another Day” from the 2011 musical Ghost. Her song choices are not just entrancing but thought-provoking.

It was a wonderful, too short, evening. Come back Lucie Jones! Broadway – hello!

Lucie Jones at 254 West 54th Street, on Wednesday, March 13th at 7 pm. Doors open at 5:30 pm.

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Lucie Jones at 54 Below


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