Leslie Uggams at 54 Below. Courtesy
Tulis McCall

Leslie Uggams at 54 Below

NEW YORK – Leslie Uggams at 54 Below sings with love and reassurance by the bucketload.

Lucie Jones at 54 Below. Courtesy
Holli Harms

Lucie Jones at 54 Below

NEW YORK – Lucie Jones at 54 Below, poignant and beautiful singing that touches your heart and soul.

Mauricio Martínez: 5'11 at 54 Below.
Holli Harms

Mauricio Martínez: 5’11”

Mauricio Martínez: 5’11”at 54 Below, Mexican actor and singer is winner of an International Emmy and is one brilliant artist/performer.

Seth Sikes. (photo from
Holli Harms

Seth Sikes Come a Little Closer

Seth Sikes is one of the most prolific contemporary artists of our time with unlimited talent, magnetism and the absolute exhilaration he casts across whatever space in which he performs. He lifts everyone to a place where we feel the beauty of life. He is, simply put, the warmth and hope of sunshine.

Jenn Colella: Out and Proud at 54Below posted on OpeningNight.Onlie
Holli Harms

Jenn Colella: Out and Proud

“Jenn Colella: Out and Proud” is a rock and roll, theatrical pageantry with Colella and her band filling the stage at 54 Below.  

Cyclic Journey by Marshall Gilkes
Edward A Kliszus

Marshall Gilkes Presents: Cyclic Journey

Gilkes’s new album Cyclic Journey touches anyone who appreciates and enjoys world-class artistry and virtuosity in classical and jazz idioms. Cyclic Journey is a musical adventure where the listener can experience the sounds of a team of musicians at the top of their game. At the same time, Gilkes shares his biographical virtual journey that emerged from his creative imagination. As you listen, close your eyes, and permit yourself to be transported through his ephemeral, beautiful sonic world.

Tyce Green in Turn the Beat Around at 54 Below. Photo by Gloria Alvarado
Victoria L. Dammer

Turn the Beat Around at 54 Below

The thrill of the disco era returned to 54 Below on March 1 for an exciting night as the famous and glamorous nightclub opened the dance floor to all who came to participate in two sold-out shows of Turn the Beat Around.

A Broadway Valentine's Day at 54 Below. From
Edward A Kliszus

A Broadway Valentine’s Day at 54 Below

Tonight’s Broadway Valentine’s Day at 54 Below was an evening of love, song, romance, nostalgia, fine dining, unique beverages, and thematic desserts. The messages of love portrayed were universal, celebrating spiritual beings connected through energy, generosity, compassion, and harmony. As Shakespeare noted in Love’s Labour’s Lost, “When Love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.”

Norm Lewis in Summertime at 54 Below (Special Tony Edition)


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