Within Earshot: Anthems for the In-Between

Within Earshot - End Up Together with (L-R) Amber Ardolino and Bonnie Milligan
Within Earshot - End Up Together with (L-R) Amber Ardolino and Bonnie Milligan

The concept album of Within Earshot: Anthems for the In-Between is fresh, exciting, joyful, hopeful, and exceedingly relevant during these times of isolation and worry. After all, love, caring, needing each other, lifting each other’s spirits, and celebrating the beautiful side of being human are and shall always remain paramount. These emotions and more are captured and emerge in Within Earshot: Anthems for the In-Between, written and composed by Jackson Teeley, using the glorious universal language of music heard today around the world, whether singing Viva la nostra Siena on balconies in Sienna, Pagliacci in Verona, Lean on Me in Dallas, or in an NYC recording studio.

Within Earshot: Anthems for the In-Between (previously titled Arrowhead) is a new musical with music and lyrics by Jackson Teeley. A book by Sarah Galante is available on all streaming platforms beginning Monday, April 20, 2020. Preorder is now available on iTunesAmazon Music, and Google Play.  All proceeds through April 27th will benefit The Actors Fund.

The album features Amber Ardolino (Moulin Rouge!Hamilton), Brittney Johnson (WickedSunset Boulevard), Liisi LaFontaine (Dreamgirls), Ryan McCartan (The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp AgainHeathers), Andy Mientus (Spring Awakening, “The Flash”), Bonnie Milligan (Head Over Heels, Encores’ Promenade), Krysta Rodriguez (Spring Awakening, “Daybreak”), and Peppermint (“Pose,” Head Over Heels). 

The cast joins the creative team on Instagram Live throughout the week of April 20th to discuss their songs and the show’s themes, including the importance of connections in these unprecedented times.

Check out Head Over Heels Bonnie Milligan and Amber Ardolino’s new music video for “End Up Together”. The track comes from the Within Earshot: Anthems for the In-Between and is written and composed by Jackson Teeley.

Within Earshot delves into the reality of human interaction and contemporary romance. On February 15 (a.k.a. “Singles’ Awareness Day”), a New York City barista bemoans yet another workday. Throughout the day, they listen as the cafe plays host to numerous vignettes and moments spotlighting the inner musical fantasies of the customers meandering through the shop.

The musical is directed by Dan Barron (Gettin’ The Band Back Together) with Laura Z. Barket as producer. For more information, visit WithinEarshotMusical.com.

The tracklist includes:

  • Anthem (For The In-Between) [feat. Andy Mientus & Krysta Rodriguez]
  • End Up Together [feat. Bonnie Milligan & Amber Ardolino]
  • Pulled Back Down [feat. Ryan McCartan & Brittney Johnson]
  • When You Go [feat. Liisi LaFontaine]
  • Whoever You Might Be [feat. Peppermint]

The album is executive produced by Teeley, with Michael Pacifico as music director and providing additional orchestrations and vocal arrangements, with Laura Z. Barket (Amazon’s After Forever The Series) as producer.  Backup singers on the album are Bailey Seeker, Traci Elaine Lee, Damian Barra, Galante, and Teeley, and the band includes Joshua Bailey (drums), Alexandra Jenkins (violin/viola), and Tom Teeley (guitar).  Jackson Teeley and Tom Teeley mixed and mastered the album. 

Recorded at Grey Noise Studios in New York, NY, and Studio G in Brooklyn, NY, the album is engineered by Austin Smith, Sinora Cole, Christopher Deroux Brown, and Francisco Botero.  Within Earshot: Anthems for the In-Between is directed by Dan Barron (Gettin’ The Band Back Together), produced by Barket, with developmental consulting by Vance Garrett (Sleep No More, ModelLand).  The casting is by Courtney Hammond of Wojcik/Sea.

For more information, visit WithinEarshotMusical.com. Find us on Instagram @WithinEarshotMusical

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Within Earshot – End Up Together (Amber Ardolino & Bonnie Milligan)

Within Earshot: Anthems for the In-Between


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