Chita Rivera at Café Carlyle. Photo by David Andrako
Tulis McCall

A Tribute to Chita Rivera at Café Carlyle

A Tribute to Chita Rivera at Café Carlyle – she doesn’t just take the stage at Café Carlyle, she hoists it over her shoulder and walks off with it and so in love with being on a stage that you wonder what pitiful amount of energy she might have left to devote to other matters.

Elegant Dining at Casa Cruz New York (courtesy of
Sora Vernikoff

Casa Cruz New York

Casa Cruz New York is a marvelous destination for elegant dining. It is located in an exclusive townhouse on E. 61st Street between Park and Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side.

The East Side Settlement. Our Commitment to Education Works (courtesy
NYC NonProfits
Sora Vernikoff

The Winter Show: Supporting The East Side House Settlement

NEW YORK, NY – The Winter Show: Supporting The East Side House Settlement, which has served people in need for 130 years. Philanthropic lawyer Everett Wheeler founded the organization in 1891 on the Upper East Side House. Wheeler and a small group of volunteers “settled” in the neighborhood and crafted a mission to serve the community through education.

Amali Mediterranean Restaurant. (photo from
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

Amali Mediterranean Restaurant

My recent venture to Amali Mediterranean Restaurant reminded me that dining out in New York City is always enjoyable. That is especially so if you enjoy the food and are delighted with the entire “restaurant” experience.

An artistic depiction of guests at the 18th-century Mount Vernon Hotel in New York City. Photo by Valerie Blanchard
Museum Reviews
Valerie Blanchard

Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden

Just north of the Queensborough Bridge in Manhattan I recently discovered the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden while hurrying to an appointment on East 68th Street. Once I saw it, I stopped and could hardly take my eyes off this cozy, charming, well-maintained, 18th-century hotel. Its locked gates and imposing stone wall were mysterious, and I knew I must get inside to see the gardens and building.

A setting in the David Burke Tavern. From
Sora Vernikoff

David Burke Tavern

One nice night at the beginning of October, my girlfriend and I decided to meet for dinner at the David Burke Tavern. It’s a charming restaurant located at 135 East 62nd Street between Lexington and Park Avenues.

TBAR NYC. Photo courtesy
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff


If you find yourself on the Upper East Side closer to Madison or Fifth definitely check out T-Bar.
It won’t disappoint!

Beyond Sushi entrance. Photo by Edward Kliszus
New York Restaurant Reviews
Valerie Blanchard

Beyond Sushi

Beyond Sushi restaurant on New York’s upper east side was a fun, friendly, and comfortable place, delivering an ergonomic experience beyond my expectations. Entering, as my mind briefly drifted into a hazy sentimental sojourn of cheese babka, burgers, pizza, zeppoles, and sausage and peppers, I was mesmerized by the establishment’s skilled chefs who created miraculous textures, flavors, and the beauty of an innovative sushi roll.

Elio's in Yorkville, NYC. Photo: Sora Vernikoff
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

Elio’s in Yorkville

Elio’s is an old-school Italian restaurant with close, intimate seating. While this arrangement made the room a bit noisy by 7 pm, the food service was outstanding, with delicious dishes brought quickly to tables.

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