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Broadway’s Hell’s Kitchen Establishes Comprehensive Fellowship Program!

Alicia Keys and Broadway’s HELL’S KITCHEN are thrilled to announce the establishment of a comprehensive Fellowship Program dedicated to building and strengthening the Broadway employment pipeline by engaging and employing individuals from historically overlooked communities to become active and continuous participants in the Broadway workforce.

Liz Cheney. Courtesy of MPAC
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Victoria L. Dammer

A Conversation with Liz Cheney at MPAC

It was Liz Cheney at MPAC with the President of Drew University, Hilary L. Link. Link moderated The Drew Forum Presents A Conversation with Liz Cheney at the Mayo Performing Art Center (MPAC) in Morristown in a one-hour talk about policy, leadership, and bipartisanship.

Entrance to Kurant Wine Bar. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

Kurant Wine Bar

I raved about Amy Babic’s Copinette, a restaurant renowned for its amazing American cuisine with French influence. It was time to try her second restaurant Kurant Wine Bar located at 1091 2nd Avenue between 57th and 58th Street in Manhattan.

Hayes Theater Entrance. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster
Off Broadway
Elizabeth Ann Foster

Kite Runner

It is a demanding production in which to perform eight times weekly, and the themes are violent, abusive, and demanding on every actor.

East Side Stories Actually
Elizabeth Ann Foster

East Side Stories Actually

The Metropolitan Playhouse transforms into the L station/Venus Records and a block in alphabet city with the help of Lassen Paulk’s scenic painting and the superb cast transporting us to various scenes in the neighborhood.

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Edward A Kliszus

Maytag Virgin

Maytag Virgin gradually, elaborately, and poignantly unfolds in an assiduously crafted literary effusion. It’s a dreamscape in which we sense loss tempered by hope.

New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

La Grande Boucherie

French dining at La Grande Boucherie, a heavenly slice of Paris on West 53rd Street, is a place to display my celebratory Eiffel Tower earrings. This is a restaurant de l’amour. It is a beautiful, relaxing, and delightful respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Antonucci Hotel Restaurant in Rome
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

Antonucci Cafe in Yorkville

Antonucci Cafe in Yorkville’s chocolate banana cake is decadently delicious with its ganache, caramelized bananas, and chocolate ice cream.

The Palm Restaurant NYC.
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

The Palm Midtown

The Palm Midtown is a hot spot for opening night parties, serving visitors from local and international origins.

Broadway’s Hell’s Kitchen Establishes Comprehensive Fellowship Program!


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