A view of Light Field at Freedom Plaza. Photo by Valérie Blanchard
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Valerie Blanchard

The Light Field at Freedom Plaza

In Freedom Plaza, artist Bruce Munro crafted a Light Field that is a gentle pageantry of glowing synesthesia enveloped by buildings on three sides and open to the expansive view of the East River. Walking calmly through this window box of light and hope, one imagined a beautiful garden with tall flowers reaching upwards to the clear sky. At the same time, one sensed a serenity gleaned from a cambric of fond memories cradled in this dreamy, sumptuous chiaroscuro celebrating those who have gone before us.

Community School of the Arts Foundation (Photo from
NYC NonProfits
Sora Vernikoff

Wine Tasting Holiday Fundraiser

The Community School of the Arts Foundation partners with local schools, artists, and other youth organizations to bring quality arts education to students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. They have been able to achieve this with the help of donations from large institutions or patrons like you.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of NYC
NYC NonProfits
Sora Vernikoff

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of New York City

Celebrate your Holiday Spirit and join the Young Professional Committee of Big Brothers Big Sisters of NY for a Winter Wonderland-themed holiday party to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters!

New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

La Grande Boucherie

French dining at La Grande Boucherie, a heavenly slice of Paris on West 53rd Street, is a place to display my celebratory Eiffel Tower earrings. This is a restaurant de l’amour. It is a beautiful, relaxing, and delightful respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Antonucci Hotel Restaurant in Rome
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

Antonucci Cafe in Yorkville

Antonucci Cafe in Yorkville’s chocolate banana cake is decadently delicious with its ganache, caramelized bananas, and chocolate ice cream.

Cobbe portrait of Shakespeare. Public Domain
Victoria L. Dammer

Shakespeare in the Afternoon

Shakespeare in the Afternoon is a group of erudite literati together for their weekly intellectual repast of reading Shakespeare.

The Light Field at Freedom Plaza


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