A virtual environment from WITNESS, scenography by Anna Fedorova, virtual design by Daniel Cormino
Off Broadway
Elizabeth Ann Foster


“I come from, well it doesn’t matter, the town doesn’t even exist anymore in Russia,” says Igor Golyak, the director of Witness, “and if we can’t feel safe in America, where are we to go – what is next? Assimilation?” What Golyak does not say is haunting; the silence during a talkback after the show — what is not said lingers in consciousness when the interview concludes.

Fully Commited. Photo by Credit Lilin @xoxlilinxox
Off Broadway
Elizabeth Ann Foster

Fully Committed

According to the New Testament, Eschaton, a topic explored in Fully Committed, is the day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individuals. The term is often used colloquially to refer to the end of the day. Now, it is the name of the latest virtual nightclub concept featuring some of the top talents in NYC at the end of time on Saturdays while the city is shuttered.

Dove Cameron in Love by MasterVoices. Courtesy MasterVoices
Edward A Kliszus

Love by MasterVoices

This fabulous third chapter of “A Theatrical Song Cycle in a Four-Part Digital Series” entitled LOVE, explores human relationships through a mystical lens at love’s ironies, impediments, and expectations. Through this musical passageway, we observe fulfillment, loss, and violence, while ultimately drawing relief through the brilliantly understated postscript of how one might lose another.



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