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Fully Committed at the Virtual Eschaton Theater

Pole Dancer in Fully Commited. Photo: Alethea Austin
Pole Dancer in Fully Commited. Photo: Alethea Austin
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Eschaton, according to the New Testament, is the day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individuals. The term is often used colloquially to refer to the end of the day. Now it is the name of the latest virtual nightclub concept featuring some of the top talents in NYC at the end of time on Saturdays while the city is shuttered.

Tickets and proper attire are required. You are encouraged to pour yourself a drink and plug in headphones. An electronic ticket sent 15 minutes before the virtual club opens allows you to join a zoom room with four doors. Individuals or couples can join the zoom spaces or find dates in the various club rooms. You are encouraged to have your camera on as experiences in the rooms are interactive. Eschaton reserves the right to remove anyone from the site that displays offensive or inappropriate behavior.

Photo: Lilin@xoxlilinxox1
Photo: Lilin@xoxlilinxox1

Once in a room keys are put into the chat feature of Zoom that open-up other rooms. TRAP, CAT, ACID, CHAPEL and SING are some keys that were available this past Saturday. Simply type them into the door of your choice and join another performance. As the host announces in the primary zoom homeroom, “a link like any good connection is worth following.”

The Rat in Fully Commited, Performer Jonothon Lyons. Photo: Roberto Araujo
The Rat in Fully Commited, Performer Jonothon Lyons. Photo: Roberto Araujo

The problem is the club is only open for an hour. It is a stimulus overload. Going to the club for the first time it is hard to sort it all out. You need a timer to rip yourself away from one door to explore others. Drawn into a performer, you forget there is so much to explore. Before you realize the time, the hour is up, and the night over.

In an hour, I was able to listen to a Jazz singer, watch an actor change her wig, listen to a guitar player and look at fellow club-goers. Some of the most interesting characters and costumes were fellow Zoom roomers.

Tickets are limited for each performance and sold out for all shows currently listed on the website. Recommend monitoring the site and grabbing the next available ticket. Or you may be asked out on a date!

The end of the world may not be here yet, but the end of Saturday is – at Eschaton.

Eschaton – written by Tessa Whitehead and directed by Taylor Myers

Performers – Alethea Austin, Joey Dougherty, Greg Dubin, Jourdan Epstein, Mallory Gracenin, Tony Grayson, Isabel Hagen, Amanda Hemeline, Melissa Hyde, Amy Jo Jackson, A.E. Kieren, Tahi Klainman, LEXXE, Lilin, Troy Lingelbach, Jonothon Lyons, Zach McNally, Michael Parmalee, William Popp, Abby Price, Rebecca Robertson, Sebastiani Romagnolo, Michelle Schechter, Sam Urdang, Susan Vuksanovic.

Created and produced by Brittany Blum And Tessa Whitehead in collaboration with Taylor Myers; produced and game design by Jae Lee; production manager and stage manager Kristina Vnook; assistant stage manager Nick Auer; assistant stage manager Edward Rice; web development Emma Streshinsky; creative advisor Yvonne Chang; marketing by David Good Design; web design by Benbenben.

Eschaton tickets are $10 available here. Sold out through Saturday, July 11. Currently available through August 8th. Chorus Productions 524 Broadway F1 11 New York, NY 10012-4471. Saturday at 10 pm. Run time 1 hour.

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Fully Committed at the Virtual Eschaton Theater

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