Interracial relationships most of us take for granted in present times. We see two people in love, and we think nothing more of it. We do not think of the difficulties for some couples. For some growing up in different cultures, different worlds of privilege, and innate hatred for no reason but the color of their skin can create their own very poignant difficulties in a relationship. Redwoodwritten by Brittany K. Allen, addresses all of this in a thought-provoking uplifting journey for today.

Meg Wilson (Brittany K. Allen) and Drew Tatum (Drew Lewis) have decided to move in together. He is white. She is black. They are deeply in love. Her uncle Steve, played with perfect timing by the hilariously beautiful Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, has decided to go on a family historical quest using What he uncovers is a past of colonization, slavery, lust, rape, and love. And what this discovery reveals could destroy so many in his world. (I’m not going to share anymore as it’s a wonderful twist).

Redwood, now playing at Ensemble Studio Theater, is a story with layers upon layers of human history, it is a story of immediacy, of familiar and unfamiliar light, of purpose and perception. How the story unfolds in its flash dance, aerobics, and musically wonderful theatrical on-fire staging is stupendous, joyful, and ravishing.

The 100 minutes flew by at the speed of constant perfection and development to the next realization to the next moment of life tossed upside down and then righted. Sublimely directed by Mikhaela Mahony and choreographed by Sasha Hutchings this is the play for all to see, for all to understand the struggles of our interracial planet! You will laugh your way to understanding the knowledge and beauty of our world. This is the perfect ensemble. The cast and crew work together in stylized harmony to bring this gift to us.
Just go!

Redwood a new play written by Brittany K. Allen, directed by Mikhaela Mahony, choreographed by Sasha Hutchings

With: Brittany K. Allen, Denny Dale BessBryn Carter, Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, Drew Lewis, Portia,  Kate Siahaan-RiggEric R. Williams

Creative team: Scenic Designer Ao Li, Costume Designer Mika Eubanks, Co-Lighting Designer Betsy Chester, Co-Lighting Designer Stacey Derosier, Properties Designer Caitlyn Murphy, Technical Director Steven Brenman, Sound Designer Kathy Ruvuna, Lighting Supervisor Kent Sprague, Production Stage Manager Fran Acuña-Almiron

Wednesday, October 18 – Sunday, November 12 Ensemble Studio Theatre, 545 W52nd Street, New York, NY

Redwood runs one hour and forty minutes with no intermission.