Hell’s Kitchen Has a New Theater and It’s Hot

Live Theater is Back. From: amttheater.org
Live Theater is Back. From: amttheater.org

After an almost two-year shut-down in the Off-Broadway neighborhood, a new and exciting theater opened at 345 West 45th Street, in the heart of the theater district. AMT Theater (AMT), an ultra-modern  99-seat space featuring sleek futuristic lighting and black and white décor, intends to serve as a springboard for small shows. In addition, the theater’s founders plan for the newly renovated building to become a place where artists, theater makers, and the local community can come together to celebrate all forms of art on its stage.

On August 16, the founders of AMT and Dan Demello of Daniel Demello Public Relations (DDPR) invited the press and the local community to the AMT Theater Launch event, providing all who attended a chance to peruse the venue and enjoy a delightful lunch from a local restaurant.

Joan Pelzer Photo credit: Victoria L Dammer
Joan Pelzer Photo credit: Victoria L Dammer

Executive Producer and Marketing Director Joan Pelzer, smartly dressed in a black-and-white striped jumpsuit, started with warm opening remarks to the luncheon participants and an explanation about the space. Next, Pelzer gave a history of how the AMT  project came to fruition. Pelzer said, “I want to make this a community place, make it a place where locals can usher.”

Al Tapper. Photo credit: Victora L. Dammer
Al Tapper. Photo credit: Victora L. Dammer

Next, she introduced famed writer, producer, and composer Al Tapper, who worked tirelessly for the last two years with his vision of what the new theater would be. Tapper worked hands-on with AMT Theater Artistic Director Tony Sportiello on the space’s financing, design, and construction.

In addition, three musical numbers performed by actors L.R. Davidson, Dana Aber, Brian Childers, and Joshua Pyram from Tapper’s production, An Unbalanced Mind, A Musical Review, entertained guests. The musical is currently playing through August 23 at AMT.

Both Tapper and Sportiello expressed their wishes that AMT would be a location for new shows, a stage to encourage writers and directors to show their work, and a place where children could get involved in all aspects of theater life.

Youth Director Mary Lauren spoke about her vision for what she plans to offer children to attract them to the acting field. Young actors from some of Lauren’s classes were in the theater, and we may see one or two of them on stage soon.

The theater is available for rent for stage productions, the loft is perfect for aerial shows, and there is a valet parking garage next door. Besides AMT’s eye-pleasing layout, these three perks make it a simple choice for active theatergoers.

AMT Theater, 354 West 45th Street. Al Tapper, Producer; Tony Sportiello, Artistic Director; Tamara Flannagan, Technical Director; Sharon Osowski, General Manager; Julia Carr, Operations Manager; Joan Pelzer, Executive Producer/Marketing Director; Mary Lauren, Youth Director; Deborah Greenberg, Theaterfest NY Producer; Laura Iniquez, US/Mexican Liaison; Kelli Maguire, Deputy Creative Director/Cabaret Director; Mateo Del Campo, Associate Producer; Gil Brady, Associate Producer; Mimi Warnick, New Works Development Director; Gabrielle Placentile, Webmaster.

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Hell’s Kitchen Has a New Theater and It’s Hot

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