Cabrini, starring Cristiana Dell’Anna
Cabrini, starring Cristiana Dell’Anna

NEW YORK – Cabrini

When did you last see a movie that ended with the theater audience spontaneously erupting in applause? If it has been a while or maybe never, see the film Cabrini for a fantastic, vibrant experience.

A Dramatic Biopic

This dramatic, poignant tale begins in the late 19th century and portrays the story of Frances Xavier Cabrini’s life. The filmography is exquisite, with a stunning visual feast throughout. The lead character, Mother Cabrini, was beautifully acted by Cristiana Dell’Anna. The acting, music, and cinematography supported a poetic biopic that was riveting from the first moment through the credits.

Cristiana Dell’Anna in a scene from Cabrini. Screen capture by Edward Kliszus

Cristiana Dell’Anna in a scene from Cabrini. Screen capture by Edward Kliszus

An Expanding Mission

Young Mother Cabrini sought to expand her mission of caring for poor people beyond Lombardy, Italy. The inspirational question, “What kind of world do we want, and what will we do to achieve it?” drove Mother Cabrini’s ever-evolving vision. She compelled her followers and engaged her benefactors. Her quest began with numerous letters to the Vatican asking for permission to start an overseas mission. The Cardinal answering her letters implored her to stop writing and “stay where you belong.” Cabrini’s persistence and passion led to an audience with the Pope who, based on concerns raised by followers in New York City, suggested Mother Cabrini to “go west” to help the children. The living conditions of the Italian immigrant children in the slums of lower Manhattan were later described in a headline by a New York Times reporter, “The Rats are Living Better Than the Children in Five Points.”

An Empowered and Empowering Woman

Mother Cabrini was determined and compassionate and empowered others by her example. Despite having suffered from tuberculosis, nothing in the world could stop Mother Cabrini. Her intellect, passion, and faith created a force and drive to become one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs of selflessness and service. A young woman described her life-changing moment to Mother Cabrini, “When I first laid eyes on you, you were walking down the most dangerous alley in New York City. You wore your cape like a suit of armor, like nothing in the world could stop you.” So fierce was Cabrini’s drive that the Mayor of New York wryly noted and perhaps in begrudged admiration stated in his response to their one-on-one negotiations, “And I thought you were new at this.”

Cristiana Dell’Anna in a scene from Cabrini. Screen capture by Edward Kliszus

Cristiana Dell’Anna in a scene from Cabrini. Screen capture by Edward Kliszus

Mother Cabrini

Once just a name, I discovered the essence of Mother Cabrini. This first American saint was courageous and succeeded in a man’s world despite repeated suggestions that she “stay where you belong.” She prevailed against those who doubted her and showed that the world was small compared to her enormous heart and soul. Mother Cabrini built an empire of hope for children everywhere.


Angel Studios
Release Date: March 8, 2024
Director: Alejandro Monteverde
Writers: Rod Barr and Alejandro Monteverde
Starring: Cristiana Dell’Anna, John Lithgow, and David Morse
Rated PG-13, Runtime 2H25M

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