To a Garden Luxuriously Verdant

To A Garden Luxuriously Verdant at Lincoln Center. Photo by Lawrence Sumulong
To A Garden Luxuriously Verdant at Lincoln Center. Photo by Lawrence Sumulong

Tonight’s event at Lincoln Center was To a Garden Luxuriously Verdant, a commemoration and celebration of Juneteenth on the eve of its 158th anniversary of independence. Lincoln Center was without a doubt, the perfect venue for an essential and memorable multi-dimensional artistic experience.

Zen Intones

The celebration took place on the entire campus of Lincoln Center as visitors assembled. The audience then moved from venue to venue for immersion into site-specific performances. Beginning at Hearst Plaza, a tree-lined space bathed in gentle Zen intones, the audience later gathered around the reflecting pool with flowers floating gently on the water to a quiet breeze.

Nature Scape

Mezzo-Soprano Alicia Hall Moran, blues and soul singer Martha Redbone, actress Trazana Beverly and Pianist Aaron Diehl appeared. They then guided the audience through a spiritually conceived sojourn of movement, poetry, and music. The nature scape certainly formed the perfect milieu for a fusion of creative, colorful costuming, visual art, dance, poetic and musical artistry. It was clearly the staging for a transformative experience.

Lincoln Center map for Summer For the City. from

Lincoln Center map for Summer For the City. from

Spellbound Audience

Dancers from Ronald K. Brown’s Brooklyn-based dance company Evidence were soon assembled on The Oasis stage in the Josie Robertson Plaza. This next stop in tonight’s sojourn was an energetic, passionate performance of traditional African dance with contemporary choreography and spoken word. An inspiring dance coterie of eight master artists now shared their essence as they connected with a spellbound audience through excerpts of their extensive repertory of visual poetry through movement.

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber performed next at the band shell stage in Damrosch Park– an improvisational band with Grammy winner Cedric Burnside. Poetic, powerful, inspiring.

Silent Disco

The evening culminated with a Silent Disco Dance party at The Oasis, hosted by the Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis. Through gospel music reimagined by Rimarkable and highlights of African American contributions to modern music, Rev. Lewis consequently inspired all to dance toward freedom.

Lustrous Modernist Designs

Tonight’s Juneteenth Celebration at New York’s Lincoln Center was a reflective, fresh, and vibrant source of inspiration for all participants. This nonpareil venue inspired artistic expression and creativity with its lustrous modernist designs, magnificent facades, soaring columns, and capacious plazas. It was, in any case, a celebration of elegance, sumptuousness, and breathtaking transcendence.

To a Garden Luxuriously Verdant


Conceived, Curated, and Directed by Carl Hancock Rux
Performances by Aaron Diehl, Alicia Hall Moran, Martha Redbone, Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber with special guests Vernon Reid and DJ Logic, Morley Kamen with music by Chris Bruce, and Ronald K. Brown / EVIDENCE Dance Theater.Silent Disco: Let Freedom Dance hosted by Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis with music by Rimarkable.

Lincoln Center’s Summer for the City

June 24-August 12

For information, go to this link. If you have any questions about this event, please contact Guest Experience at 212-875-5456 or

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To a Garden Luxuriously Verdant


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