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The Four Alt Wives of King Henry VIII

Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert, Courtney Mack, Keirsten Nicole Hodgens, and Mallory Maedke at 54 Below
Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert, Courtney Mack, Keirsten Nicole Hodgens, and Mallory Maedke at 54 Below
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On this exciting evening at 54 Below, we were treated to The Four Alt Wives of King Henry VIII, a musical stage extravaganza performed by the delightful four alternate queens of Broadway’s hit musical SIX. Tonight’s featured artists are Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert, Courtney Mack, Keirsten Nicole Hodgens, and Mallory Maedke.


Did I hear someone announce it’s Queenpirations!?

The quartet stormed the stage to sing “Royals” by Lorde, a perfect opening for tonight’s theme in a packed house. This opener launched a series of solos, duets, and quartets from the high-energy troupe. The variety and vitality of the stage were electrifying with an audience that could hardly contain its enthusiasm.

Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert, from
Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert, from

Energy and Ambition

Each of our Broadway luminaries introduced themselves before singing. Although most introductions were limited to their name and where they grew up, they projected a collective drive, ambition, and overpowering aspirations. Each song was a respectful tribute to the composer and artist who originally recorded it.

Courtney Mack. Photo credit:
Courtney Mack. Photo credit:

The Music

Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert revved the audience by singing “Too Good” by Canadian rapper Drake. Courtney Mack introduced herself and sang the intense, high-energy Jesse J song, “Mamma Knows Best.”

Keirsten Nicole Hodgens slowed the pace with India Arie’s love song “Beautiful Surprise,” accompanied by acoustic guitarist par excellence Kimi Hayes.

Mallory Maedke introduced herself and sang a Lady Gaga favorite, “Always Remember Us This Way,” from A Star is Born.

The first duet was performed by Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert and Kirsten Hodgens, who were joined by the others for a quartet featuring the classic song by Destiny’s Child, “Independent Women.”

Mallory Maedke and Courtney Mack sang “Misery Business” by Paramour before Nicole Hodgens returned to sing the Britney Spears song “Toxic.”

Keirsten Nicole Hodgens, from Instgram
Keirsten Nicole Hodgens, from Instgram

Kirsten Nicole Hodgens sang Jazmine Sullivan’s gritty “I Bust The Windows Out Your Car,” for which the rest of the quartet returned to provide backup vocals

Courtney Mack sang the gentle “One Plus One” recorded by Beyoncé, followed by Mallory Maedke singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Walk Away” with the troupe on stage for background vocals.

The troupe thanked the audience with special thanks to the individual band members. They also thanked Ben and Jared (vocal coaches), KJ and Sarah of 54, and all the staff of 54 Below.

The quartet’s final song was the bluesy “I’m a Woman” from Smokey Joe’s Café.

Mallory Medke, from Instagram
Mallory Meadke, from Instagram

Gifted Artists

Tonight was an entertaining concert by influential, gifted, and driven artists. We shall be hearing from them more and more as their sparkling careers continue to evolve. The band was solid, the sound balance was excellent, and the musicians seamlessly shifted through the demands and diverse styles of the songs.

Watch the 54 Below calendar for the splendid lineup that continues to draw audiences locally and worldwide through their streaming venue.

The Four Alt Wives of King Henry VIII

Keirsten Nicole Hodgens
Nicole Kyoung-Mi Lambert
Courtney Mack
Mallory Maedke


Piano/Music Director Luke Williams, Guitar Kimi Hayes, Bass Lee Moretti, Drums Elena Bonomo.

Arrangements Roberto Sinha and Luke Williams, Producers Jared Trudeau and Ben Nissen, and Associate Producer Larisa Jiao

For 54 Below

Livestream Director Amanda Raymond
Creative and Programming Director Jennifer Ashley Tepper
Production Manager and Lighting Director KJ Hardy
Sound and Recording Supervisor Sarah Goodman
Executive Producers Steve Baruch, Richard Frankel and Tom Viertel

54 Below
254 W 54th St. Cellar, NYC 10019
Tickets & Info: (646) 476-3551

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The Four Alt Wives of King Henry VIII

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