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Beyond Sushi entrance. Photo by Edward Kliszus
New York Restaurant Reviews
Valerie Blanchard

Beyond Sushi

Beyond Sushi restaurant on New York’s upper east side was a fun, friendly, and comfortable place, delivering an ergonomic experience beyond my expectations. Entering, as my mind briefly drifted into a hazy sentimental sojourn of cheese babka, burgers, pizza, zeppoles, and sausage and peppers, I was mesmerized by the establishment’s skilled chefs who created miraculous textures, flavors, and the beauty of an innovative sushi roll.

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Pekarna Restaurant NYC. Photo: Sora Vernikoff
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

Pekarna NYC

At Pekarna NYC, I ordered a fresh fabulous, salad topped with grilled chicken, sesame seeds, golden raisins, Calabrian chilies, scallions, and almond sauce.

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