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Stephen Duff Webber, Gian-Murray Gianino and Ellen Lauren. Photo credit: Michael Brosilow, courtesy of SITI Company
Off Broadway
Edward A Kliszus

Radio Macbeth by the SITI Company

As the cast masterfully characterized Shakespeare’s saturnine work, we were inexorably drawn into the portentous tale. Supporting the account were the dim penumbra of macabre images, a panoply of sounds effects, striking musical soundscapes, the intense angular stage blocking of secondary characters in many scenes, and the gloom of a Scottish deid bell that either sought orisons or repelled evil spirits.

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Wilfred Owen. Photo in Good News Liverpool. Public Domain
Book Reviews
Edward A Kliszus

Wilfred Owen’s Anthem for Doomed Youth

Images usually associated with death with their usual, reverent treatment in religious funerals are presented to contrast with death during wartime. The low-value war sets on human life is exemplified by the opening reference to those “who die as cattle,” akin to animals in a slaughterhouse.

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