Dr. Lou Chodosh, Pencil Artist. Photo by Victoria Dammer
Art Appreciation
Victoria L. Dammer

Lou Chodosh Discovered Pencil Art in His 90s

Dr. Lou Chodosh Discovered Pencil Art in His 90s and is an inspiration reminding us we can do anything we want to at any agen and while Chodosh attributes his long life to good genes and stellar health, one cannot deny that discovering pencil art enhanced the richness of his life.

Miniature Art. Photo by Sora Vernikoff
Museum Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

Small is Beautiful Miniature Art Exhibition

The New York City “Small is Beautiful, Miniature Art Exhibition”  is the first international exhibition of the work of 32 international miniature artists. Their oeuvre of over 130 pieces of art was presented to the general public in this magical exhibition. After the undisputed success of the #MiniatureArt phenomenon on social media networks, the exhibition offered exclusive access in “real” time to the magical and sometimes unusual worlds of some of the greatest artists of the miniature art movement.

Lou Chodosh Discovered Pencil Art in His 90s


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