Vanessa Williams at 54Below. Photo credit: Victoria L. Dammer.
Victoria L. Dammer

Vanessa Williams

The multi-talented and stunningly beautiful stage and screen star Vanessa Williams made her Diamond Series debut at 54 Below on December 13 with musical selections from her catalog of chart-topping songs, Broadway Classics, and others.

Photo of Liz Callaway. Courtesy:
Edward A Kliszus

Liz Callaway Celebrates Sondheim

Callaway’s singing embraced the elegance of the wonderful songs and sentiments she shared with her listeners, magically drawing her audience as fellow travelers into each song’s poetic, artistic world. Her pitch, tone quality, breath control, articulation, and expression were flawless.

Judy Collins: Winter Stories

The eyes that inspired Stephen Stills to write “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” are still deep blue and lit with the spark of a veteran performing artist. That voice was just as crisp and smoothly transitioned through several octaves, the same as when she first performed her guitar-based songs back in the 60s. A volume of curly hair framed a soulful face.

Vanessa Williams


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