Bliss Street at City Winery, New York NY. Photo by Esme R. Smith
Musical Theater
Holli Harms

Bliss Street at City Winery

NEW YORK – Bliss Street at City Winery was a night of rockin’ celebration for the music of Charlie Sub’s youth, his dad’s tenacity, and what dreaming big can produce.

L-R: Ava Jones, Gabriel Winkler, Abby Grumpper, Youssef Alaoui, Edwin Vazquez and Queen Koleurz Koluchi. Photo by Omar Villegas
Off Broadway
Edward A Kliszus

Killin’ Republicans by Dick D. Zigun

Killin’ Republicans may sound like an extreme anti-GOP motto, but it’s a hilarious reference to American politics looking back 150 years or so. Perhaps the sequel is Killin’ Democrats or Progressives? Put on your thinking caps for a wild rock n’ roll ride through American history linked by actress Jodie Foster and her famous, bizarre, and twisted encounter with neo-Nazi stalker John Hinckley, Jr.

Bliss Street at City Winery


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