A scene from Encores! production of Jelly's Last Jam at New York City Center. Photo by Joan Marcus
Musical Theater
Tulis McCall

Jelly’s Last Jam at City Center

NEW YORK – Jelly’s Last Jam at City Center is a gorgeous and stunning music and dance production about the life and career of Jelly Roll Morton.

Shanit Keter Schwartz in Daughter of the Wicked. Photo Credit: Jim Cox
Off Broadway
Edward A Kliszus

Daughter of the Wicked

Schwartz is a raconteur extraordinaire. From the onset, her repartee was confident and, at times, adapted to prompt audience interaction. One could hardly resist her gentle, enchanting coaxing. She exuded charisma as she commanded the stage with energy and charm. Schwartz’s timing was impeccably utilized for dramatic effect, while her suspense and pacing were expertly managed. Her voice conveyed various emotions and characters, using accents and expressing personalities with aplomb—bringing their stories to life. With her robust stage presence, Schwartz utilized body language, dance, and gestures to provide depth and nuance to her performance. She guided her audience through humor, sadness, fear, intrigue, and elation.

Artists of the Kyiv City Ballet. Photo courtesy Kyiv City Ballet.
Edward A Kliszus

Fall for Dance Festival at City Center

New York City Center presented the fourth installment of its Fall For Dance Festival, a trio of spectacular, diverse dance offerings and celebration of dance and music, a magical fusion of parallel art forms that expressed the rich sonic and visual imaginings of composers and choreographers alike.

Billy Valentine at the Chelsea Table and Stage. Photo: Courtesy Fortune Creative
Victoria L. Dammer

Billy Valentine

Every seat, including those at the in-theatre bar, was occupied with guests who were in for an outstanding presentation of Valentine’s gifts of vocals and his ability to perform music that crossed a broad genre of songs.

Golden Shield. Photo credit: Julieta Cervantes.
Off Broadway
Victoria L. Dammer

Golden Shield

Thai-Australian playwright Anchuli Felicia King wrote the play entitled “Golden Shield” about the class action lawsuit of Chinese dissidents and their subsequent human rights abuses, brought against a U.S. technology company for their collusion with the Chinese government.

Known as The Golden Shield Project or China’s Great Firewall, it enables censorship and digital surveillance, a subject recently prevalent in the news with the suppression of COVID-19 data by the Chinese government.

Victoria L. Dammer

Theater Forward’s Red Carpet Gala

The red carpet at The Edison Ballroom was sizzling hot with excitement as Theatre Forward’s 2022 Gala honoring Tony and Obie Award-winning director, producer, and actor Kenny Leon, and Prudential Financial for their leadership and support in the arts and the theater community.

Antwan Hopper as Memphis and Ensemble. Photo: Joan Marcus
Elizabeth Ann Foster

The Life

Porter revises the tragic comedy of The Life, a story of the world’s oldest profession based out of Times Square in NYC in the 70s.

A Celebration of Dance by Ballet Hispánico at New York City Center


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