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Angels of Many Signs. (Image by Saya Woolfalk)
Choral Music
Edward A Kliszus

Angel of Many Signs

The New York Choral Society presented Angel of Many Signs, a superb digital, instrumental, choral, and visual art synthesis. This production was billed as “a multi-media and multi-disciplinary concert bridging centuries of feminine imagination and power.”

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Notre Dame, Paris MET 38.34. Public Domain.
Music Appreciation
Edward A Kliszus

The Musical Magic of Léonin

Léonin (d. 1201) was not just a medieval composer. He was a forward-thinking pioneer whose legacy lives on today. Thanks to his contributions, polyphonic music became a reality, featuring more than one voice part. Leonin started this revolution during the late 12th century and has been widely recognized as the first composer to create music in this unique style.

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