In The Trenches. by Rachel Graham:RDGPhotography
Off Broadway
Edward A Kliszus

In The Trenches

In the Trenches is fun and one feels just a bit sorry to see young adults leave behind their single, childless lives. But they muddle through and discover that raising a family is rewarding, time is fleeting and precious, and your single friends will have to deal with you and your yoga pants, PTA meetings, trips to the mall, a barking lab, and dinner moved up from 10 pm to 5 pm.

The Village! 2023. Photo by Peter Yesley
Edward A Kliszus

The Village! A Disco Daydream at Dixon Place

Tonight’s Disco Daydream was an immersive fun-fete celebrating the universal quest for elusive love and where it might be found. The cast touched hearts and drew inspiration from an empathetic audience that sighed at hints of romance, camaraderie, and reminiscences of disco’s glory days. The music never stopped in this story of love and tragedy as it unfolded through incredible dance routines, driving music, humor, charm, and physicality.

In The Trenches


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