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Kent Tritle and Musica Sacra. Photo: Musica Sacra
Choral Music
Edward A Kliszus

Maestro Kent Tritle and Musica Sacra

Maestro Kent Tritle et al delivered an inspiring, splendid, diverse, and exciting musical program. Blend, articulation, intonation, and phrasing were superb, and conducting was precise and expressive.

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The Punta Gorda Symphony
Florida Events
Edward A Kliszus

Punta Gorda Symphony Presents From Bach to Broadway

Today the audience was treated to a series of works spanning from the Renaissance to modern musical theater. An affable Ming Gao eloquently introduced each piece, describing its characteristics, features, and biographical context. He also drew amusing attention to things like the foot-long clothespins used to keep music safely on music stands, a necessary prop for breezy outdoor venues.

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Naama Gheber, Jazz Vocalist
Victoria L. Dammer

Naama Gherber

Vocalist Naama Gherber, accompanied by Ben Paterson on piano, Neal Miner on Bass, and Evan Sherman on drums, entertained the audience at Birdland Jazz Club on January 10 with her smooth as honey, exquisite voice.

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