Scene from The Orchard with Juliet Brett and John McGinty on OpeningNight.Online. Photo credit: Pabel Antonov
Edward A Kliszus

The Orchard

While Chekov’s play holds a firm place in the literature, through the magic of technology the story can now be presented in a cutting-edge complex dreamscape of seemingly incongruent elements achievable only with the contemporary arts of live-streamed multi-media drama.

A virtual environment from WITNESS, scenography by Anna Fedorova, virtual design by Daniel Cormino
Off Broadway
Elizabeth Ann Foster


“I come from, well it doesn’t matter, the town doesn’t even exist anymore in Russia,” says Igor Golyak, the director of Witness, “and if we can’t feel safe in America, where are we to go – what is next? Assimilation?” What Golyak does not say is haunting; the silence during a talkback after the show — what is not said lingers in consciousness when the interview concludes.

Dove Cameron in Love by MasterVoices. Courtesy MasterVoices
Edward A Kliszus

Love by MasterVoices

This fabulous third chapter of “A Theatrical Song Cycle in a Four-Part Digital Series” entitled LOVE, explores human relationships through a mystical lens at love’s ironies, impediments, and expectations. Through this musical passageway, we observe fulfillment, loss, and violence, while ultimately drawing relief through the brilliantly understated postscript of how one might lose another.

The Orchard


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