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Monodic and polyphonic compositions. Polyphony in Music. Public Domain
Music Appreciation
Edward A Kliszus

Polyphony in Music

Polyphonic in Music is the art of creating multiple independent melodic lines, each with its own rhythm, and is an inspirational and timeless technique. From the Renaissance to the 20th century and beyond, great composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and Debussy have dazzled audiences with their intricate and beautiful polyphonic works.

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The American Classical Orchestra presents Remember

The performance of Mozart’s Requiem, K526, was glorious and ecstatic. The sui generis admixture of rich sounds from soloists, chorus, and orchestra was superb. At the same time, the sumptuous luminosity of the famed Lacrimosa was almost more than an emotive listener could process without soulful introspection.

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