Ann Kittredge. Photo:
Victoria L. Dammer

Ann Kittredge at Birdland

Chanteuse Ann Kittredge performed before a spellbound audience in her widely acclaimed show, Movie Nite, at The Birdland Theater in NYC. She sang, swayed, and danced, intoxicating her audience, guiding them on a romantic tour of glittery gold movie star glamour.

Amanda Green. Photo from
Victoria L. Dammer

Amanda Green and Friends

Amanda Green and Friends opened the show with a monologue of suggestive and comical jokes, which brought the crowd’s enthusiasm to a roar, and she followed with a song from her long list of repertoire. She has a pleasant voice and throws in just enough indecent words to keep you laughing. Green told the audience she had written all the lyrics for the songs that were performed during the evening, so her special talents were on display for over an hour by the various guests who shared her words.

Stalker at New World Stages


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