American Classical Orchestra - Bach B Minor Mass. Photo credit Iconoscope Productions
Choral Music
Edward A Kliszus

American Classical Orchestra Performs Bach’s B Minor Mass

NEW YORK – American Classical Orchestra Performs Bach’s B Minor Mass with Conductor Thomas Crawford leading a glorious, miraculous, and formidable concert expressing and honoring the provenance of Bach’s monumental musical work.

Dining area and decorative mural at The Leopard at Des Artistes. Photo by Sora Vernikoff
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

The Leopard at Des Artistes

The Leopard at Des Artistes is an Italian culinary delight. It distinguishes its food from North to South of Italy, with the use of butter versus olive oil, and all kinds of pasta and popular vegetables native to that region. The restaurant prides itself in creating everyday food with respect to Italian cultural traditions with quality ingredients, hospitality, and outstanding service. As they like to say, “Buon Appetito!

To A Garden Luxuriously Verdant at Lincoln Center. Photo by Lawrence Sumulong
Edward A Kliszus

To a Garden Luxuriously Verdant

Tonight’s Juneteenth Celebration at New York’s Lincoln Center was a reflective, fresh, and vibrant source of inspiration for all participants. This nonpareil venue inspired artistic expression and creativity with its lustrous modernist designs, magnificent facades, soaring columns, and capacious plazas. It was a celebration of elegance, sumptuousness, and breathtaking transcendence.

Thomas Crawford with the American Classical Orchestra at Alice Tully Hall. Photo by Edward Kliszus
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Edward A Kliszus

A Romantic Fantasy

The American Classical Orchestra ascended to the stage before a packed house in Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center. Under the baton of conductor Thomas Crawford, the concert began with Gioachino Rossini’s William Tell Overture (1829). Marvelously performed by the ACO, this work resides in the canon of intensely popular music. It was received by the audience akin to the intense adulation witnessed at its performance at the Paris Opéra in 1929.

The American Classical Orchestra presents Remember

The performance of Mozart’s Requiem, K526, was glorious and ecstatic. The sui generis admixture of rich sounds from soloists, chorus, and orchestra was superb. At the same time, the sumptuous luminosity of the famed Lacrimosa was almost more than an emotive listener could process without soulful introspection.

The Orchestra Now at the Rose Theater

The Orchestra Now stands proudly in the well-earned tradition of excellence among the superb symphony orchestras that regularly perform in New York City. And while they celebrate major standard repertoire (sometimes called the three B’s – Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms), they take care to include adventurous works that warrant recognition and performance before eager patrons.

The Death of Ophelia at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, posted on Openingnight.Online. MET DP852283
Music Reviews
Elizabeth Ann Foster


Hamlet was not written for dance numbers but for murders. But there are ample opportunities for arias. The recent Macbeth version, directed by Sam Gold, added original songs to altered text. A full-length opera of Hamlet is ambitious.

La Boheme Stage Set, Act 1, by Reginald Gray
Music Reviews
Elizabeth Ann Foster

La Bohéme at the Met

Taking several newbies to The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center in New York was fascinating and heartwarming as I witnessed their almost instantaneous psychic connection to the multimedia extravaganza with its story, music, drama, characters, setting, orchestra, and amazing choric artistes extraordinaire – the singers.

American Classical Orchestra presents Astronomical


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