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There's Still a Little Starch Left at Don't Tell Mama
Tulis McCall

There’s A Little Starch Left at Don’t Tell Mama

There’s A Little Starch Left at Don’t Tell Mama – somewhere in the flotsam and jetsam of the holiday, I forgot to pay special tribute to Lynn Henderson, who performed There’s A Little Starch Left – her new one-woman show – in December – I am a friend of Lynn’s and had watched her for over a year as she prepared for this show.

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Natasha Castillo. Photo from
Melissa Heche

Natasha Castillo’s Excellent Adventure

Natasha Castillo’s Excellent Adventure was a party with disco lights and a hostess with style and charm. In addition, Natasha’s attention to detail by including glow light sticks on the tables and on the piano contributed to the personality of the moment.

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