Singer and Songwriter Gabrielle Stravelli at Chelsea Table + Stage. Photo courtesy of
Edward A Kliszus

Gabrielle Stravelli at Chelsea Table + Stage

NEW YORK – Gabrielle Stravelli at Chelsea Table + Stage, winner of the 2023 Broadway World Cabaret Award for Best Vocal Jazz Show, stormed the stage with guitarist Saul Rubin for the perfect Valentine’s Day performance.

L-R: Travis Nesbitt, Nic Metcalf, Kit Treece, and Schyler Conaway in the Boy Band Project. Photo credit: Elizabeth Ann Foster
Elizabeth Ann Foster

The Boy Band Project

Fun eye candy with talent. Before you know it, the show ends. You feel as if you were in an aerobics class – not only do these boys go to the gym, they work out while there. The boys are available, answer questions, and make t-shirts and coasters (CDs) available. They are a “down-to-earth” group of young gentlemen you simply want to take home.

Courtesy of Anais Reno
Victoria L. Dammer

Take Me Back to Manhattan

The theater was packed, and patrons were treated to four rising jazz stars in a five-star atmosphere. The show was worth seeing for residents and tourists alike, and here’s hoping it returns to the stage soon.

Django Wall Art. Photo by Edward Kliszus
Edward A Kliszus

Conrad Herwig and The Latin Side All-Stars

Trombonist/composer Conrad Herwig and the Latin side all-stars ascended the stage to deliver their first musical offering. Splendid charts, extended improvisation, artistic interaction, virtuoso performances, a tight horn section, and a solid rhythm section immediately lit the room. A powerhouse of Latin rhythmic fire by drummer Robby Ameen and percussionist Mauricio Herrera on congas ignited an astounding sojourn.

Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes
Off Broadway
Elizabeth Ann Foster

7 Minutes at the Here Theater

Massini’s dialogue is genius with real, raw emotion traded by factory walkers who, while they may seem different from one another, share the desire to keep their jobs and pay their bills.

The Moth Project: Music|Picture|Words


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