Leon Botstein and the American Symphony Orchesra at Bryant Park. Photo by Edward Kliszus
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Edward A Kliszus

American Symphony Orchestra and the Roaring 20s

The conductor and music director of the ASO, Maestro Leon Botstein, came to the stage. Building anticipation for the concert, he explained that tonight’s program featured musical works of American composers from the Roaring 20s. Botstein delivered a mini musicology introduction for each work. His words thus inspired listeners and brought the music to life, making it relevant, tangible, and understandable.

Pershing Square Café Sign and Entry. Photo by Edward Kliszus.
New York Restaurant Reviews
Edward A Kliszus

Pershing Square Café

I’ve often enjoyed Pershing Square Café’s wonderful breakfast specials and especially their legendary pancakes. After enjoying an early evening of swinging jazz across town at Birdland Jazz Club, I walked east from 8th Ave through Times Square on 42nd Street, past Bryant Park and Grand Central towards peaceful Tudor City. Nestled next to Grand Central where Park Avenue intersects 42nd Street is the Pershing Square Café. Tonight, it looked like the perfect quiet place for a post-jazz bite.

Bryant Park Grill. Photo by Sora Vernikoff
New York Restaurant Reviews
Sora Vernikoff

Bryant Park Grill

I highly recommend the Bryant Park Grill with its excellent food. Be sure to make a reservation because even on a Wednesday night it was crowded!

The American Symphony Orchestra at Bryant Park. Photo credit: Edward Kliszus
Music Reviews
Edward A Kliszus

American Symphony Orchestra at Bryant Park

The orchestra masterfully performed each work to ensure the expression of the composer’s artistic and imaginative intent. Despite the large audience, individuals remained focused and quiet as they enjoyed and experienced the music, this most ephemeral art form.

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