Dr. Lou Chodosh, Pencil Artist. Photo by Victoria Dammer
Art Appreciation
Victoria L. Dammer

Lou Chodosh Discovered Pencil Art in His 90s

Dr. Lou Chodosh Discovered Pencil Art in His 90s and is an inspiration reminding us we can do anything we want to at any agen and while Chodosh attributes his long life to good genes and stellar health, one cannot deny that discovering pencil art enhanced the richness of his life.

L-R Flamenco guitarist Juan Pedro Jimenez, Flamenco Dancer Nelida Tirado and percussionist Jeremy Smith at Art Bath in The Sunken Garden. Photo by Santiago Felipe @santiagraphy
Edward A Kliszus

The Art Bath Artist Salon Series

The Art Bath Salon Series program was 21st century-multimedia at its finest, but with the intimacy of the Parisian salons made famous by the likes of Gertrude Stein, Gustave Courbet, and Franz Liszt. In this inviting artistic environment with stimulating badinage, patrons experienced and marveled at film, sculpture, painting, dance, photography, and music created by world-class artists and performers.

Program for Edwin Booth and Helena Modjeska touring in Macbeth in English's Ohio and Indianapolis. Public domain
Art Appreciation
Victoria L. Dammer

The Players 2nd Annual Artists Exhibition

In keeping with the founder’s wish, 25 pieces of artwork were displayed, allowing members and guests to mingle as they enjoyed the compositions showcased in the library. Among the renowned artists in attendance was Peggy Kinstler, spouse of famed portrait artist Everett Raymond Kinstler, showing her 24” x 12” photograph entitled “Everett and Friends Viewing Sargent’s ‘The Children of Edward Darley Boit.”

Lou Chodosh Discovered Pencil Art in His 90s


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