Saltbae Burger

Saltbae Burger Main Entrance. NY NY. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff
Saltbae Burger Main Entrance. NY NY. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff

I admit it. Every week or so, I need a hamburger and French fries. I’ve tried many local coffee shops and restaurants that serve a classic hamburger and fries combo but am frequently disappointed.

Living in the Gramercy Park area, I recently passed a new restaurant on the corner of 18th St. and Park Avenue South. I was tempted to continue my quest there for the perfect burger and fries.

The entrance is modest, and while there is scaffolding due to maintenance being completed on the upper floors of the building, the inside of the restaurant was spacious and spotless.

I stopped by, and to my amazement, Saltbae Burger served me the best hamburger and French fries ever in the city of New York. Ever!

Saltbae Counter Seating. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff
Counter Seating. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff
Saltbae Dining Area Seating. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff
Dining Area. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff
Saltbae Menu. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff
Menu. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff

I selected their New York Burger, which consists of six ounces of tender Wagyu beef with lettuce, tomato, and onions. I opted out of the Pepper Jack cheese.

Saltbae Burger and fries. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff
Burger and French fries. Photo credit: Sora Vernikoff

With the burger came fabulous French fries. The quality of the beef, fries, and their respective seasonings were over the top delicious. I plan to return soon and sample other burger options. If you’re in the Gramercy Park area and crave a simple but delicious classic meal, you’ll want to try Saltbae. Many visitors to the area stop at the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace Museum on E. 20th st. managed by the National Park Service.

It’s a bit more pricey than your regular coffee shop or brunch hamburger and fries but worth it. I can’t recommend it enough! Enjoy!

Saltbae Burger (Menu)
220 Park Ave South
New York, NY 10003
(212) 308-2110

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Saltbae Burger

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