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One if by Land, Two if by Sea

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My girlfriend said, “Let’s do something special” and go somewhere that we never heard of.” She picked the restaurant One if by Land, Two if by Sea located at 17 Barrow Street in Manhattan’s West Village.

No name on the door but interesting.

This building was once a carriage house with an accompanying barn when Aaron Burr was Attorney General of the State of New York during the 1790s. Here he housed his coach and horses. It happens that the restaurant was voted the 5th most romantic restaurant in the world.

What you see when you first walk in.

The bar and dining areas.

We ordered from the Prix Fixed Menu. Pricey but worth the ambiance and delicious food.

 I started with Baby Greens, piquillo peppers, Bulgarian feta, and oregano vinaigrette.

The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the Bulgarian feta cheese was excellent!

For the main dish, I chose the Pan Roasted Branzino with baby squash, and sauce Vierge. Vierge is from French cuisine, comprised of olive oil and lemon juice base on tomatoes. Included were cured olives, pinenuts, and herb pesto. Fresh and excellent.


I chose coconut ice cream over shortbread cookies and a mixed berry compote on the side. 

The combination of the textures and the tastes was fantabulous and highly recommended.

One of by Land, Two if by Sea is the choice for a special, restaurant experience. It won’t disappoint!

Sora Vernikoff

Sora Vernikoff

Insightful author, journalist, blogger, world traveler, and Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author of Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! found at A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program at or Amazon. She has taught hundreds of unhappy dieters to use her eat and stop yourself weight-loss program to lose weight and find peace with food. Sora Vernikoff holds two Master’s Degrees, the first in Teaching and the second in English as a Second Language. She taught in the New York City Public School System in East New York, Brooklyn for 30 years and has traveled the globe. For many years she was also the New York City Charity writer for An avid blogger, her own shares all things fun and entertaining in New York City while posting her interesting trips under the blog’s Travel tab. She is currently immersed in writing her next book, which teaches a Positivity Program letting you immediately zap negative or self-doubting thoughts in one session with but one question.

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One if by Land, Two if by Sea

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