NY Common Pantry Fill the Bag

Fill the Bag Benefit for NY Common Pantry in the Ziegfeld Ballroom
Fill the Bag Benefit for NY Common Pantry in the Ziegfeld Ballroom

NEW YORK – NY Common Pantry’s Fill the Bag 2024 Fundraiser

The other evening, I felt uplifted by attending NY Common’s Pantry Fill the Bag 2024 fundraiser.

New York Common Pantry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that addresses New York City hunger and promotes self-respect, health, and the independence of those in need.

This heartfelt event took place at The Ziegfeld Ballroom at 14 West 54th Street, and the room was packed with supporters.

New York Common Pantry has now set the reduction of hunger and food insecurity as its goal through a group of programs that establish long-term independence for the person in need.

The organization sees the individual that person as a “whole” person, and therefore, their support starts with great food provision. This happens through the fresh food pantry packages distributed at Choice Pantry. In The Hot Meals Program, we offer one daily meal consisting of a late lunch or early dinner as a sit-down or take-away. 

Nourish, their senior supplement program also provides for seniors over 60. As if that weren’t enough, NY Common Pantry provides case management services through Help 365, enabling visitors to access resources like Project Dignity, which connects homeless visitors to additional support.

The last part of their amazing services is Live Healthy! Live Healthy teaches children and adults about the necessity of a nutritional diet and active living. Indeed, the whole person and lifestyle are addressed!

At this inspiring fundraiser, Pimco was honored with the Distinguished Partner Award and Andy Dsida with the Estee Lauder Companies Distinguished Volunteer Award. Willie Geist, Host of NBC News’ Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist and Co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, was the master of ceremonies.

Here are some photos from the event.

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If you want to help the lives of so many needy people, click HERE and learn more!

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Photos by Sora Vernikoff

NY Common Pantry Fill the Bag


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