Performer, conductor, and educator Edward Kliszus began his musical studies at the age of 5 and has since been deeply involved in the fine, performing, and literary arts. He is a long-time and current member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and the American Federation of Musicians (AFM). He studied trumpet performance and music education while attending the Manhattan School of Music and was a student of Mel Broiles, principal trumpet of the New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. His post-graduate studies at New York University focused on trumpet and piano performance, music composition, and analysis of composer Elliott Carter's 1974 work Brass Quintet. He was music director and conductor of the New Jersey based Union Symphony Orchestra for 15 years and has performed at Manhattan's West Village venue Monologues and Madness. He currently focuses his artistic and creative endeavors on writing, music composition, piano jazz, and as a critic for and OpeningNight.Online. He holds a Ph.D. from New York University, Master of Music from the Manhattan School of Music, and Bachelor of Music from Nyack College.

Harvard-educated journalist and native New Yorker, Elizabeth Ann Foster is a master chef and founder of the Natural Epicurean Culinary School based in Austin Texas. She managed and trained natural foods' chefs at Casa De Luz community macrobiotic center serving downtown Austin and is a certified Chef from the Kushi Institute and Vega Center in holistic healing and vegetarian-based culinary cuisine. A world traveler with an international perspective and diverse interests, for nearly a decade she has written reviews of Broadway and Off-Broadway theatre for The Front Row Center and New York Theatre Guide, and currently resides in both Manhattan and beautiful Southwestern Florida.

Graduate of Harvard with a Master of Journalism, Victoria Dammer is a brilliant writer, world traveler, entrepreneur, sportswriter, and freelance photographer. For five years, she has written the Jets Fan Chatter column for, an online franchised newspaper with over 15 million readers. Her travel pieces will transport you to exotic and exciting places. Her food articles will make you hungry, and her photography will inspire you. She enjoys reading and writing literature reviews and recently started writing Broadway and Off-Broadway reviews for The Front Row Center. In addition, she is working on two books, a women's adult fiction novel and a children's book.

Insightful author, journalist, blogger, world traveler, and Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author of Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want! found at A No-Diet, Weight-Loss Program at or Amazon. She has taught hundreds of unhappy dieters to use her eat and stop yourself weight-loss program to lose weight and find peace with food. Sora Vernikoff holds two Master’s Degrees, the first in Teaching and the second in English as a Second Language. She taught in the New York City Public School System in East New York, Brooklyn for 30 years and has traveled the globe. For many years she was also the New York City Charity writer for An avid blogger, her own shares all things fun and entertaining in New York City while posting her interesting trips under the blog’s Travel tab. She is currently immersed in writing her next book, which teaches a Positivity Program letting you immediately zap negative or self-doubting thoughts in one session with but one question.

World traveler Timothy Harty is a gifted photographer artist known for his travelogues, landscapes, and nature portraiture. His particularly keen, insightful visions of nature's beauty and mystery come alive in his work, delivering to the viewer unique and memorable perspectives. His work is breathtaking! Instagram @tsharty. Please note that if you use one of his photos you must include the full attribution in the caption as follows (Photo credit: Timothy Harty)

Melissa Heche, Au.D is dually certified as a Doctor of Audiology and a Certified Speech Pathologist. She is the Director of New York Speech and Hearing, Inc. – a private practice based in NYC that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus, and voice disorders. She completed her Doctorate of Audiology at Salus University and earned dual Master’s degrees (Speech Pathology/Audiology) at Hofstra University. She holds a CAOHC certificate as a Professional Supervisor in Hearing Conservation; she works with special populations in hearing conservation and is a specialist in musician’s hearing healthcare. She is active with the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) organization, with whom she participates in lobbying events promoting music education and early hearing conservation. Certified Sound Engineer with particular experience in live music venue sound systems. This experience has made her a resource for hearing healthcare in the music industry.

Dr. Heche provides informational seminars on topics including vocal health practices, public speaking, musicians’ hearing healthcare issues, general communication, and business practices. She has been published in national trade journals, discussing increased access to audiological services, noise-induced hearing loss, and musician’s hearing healthcare.

She is a stage performer and musician with a presence in both the cabaret/theatre and rock music circuits. She holds a bachelor’s degree in musical theatre and performance and continues to step onstage in the metro NY area for small concerts and show runs.