Fanciful FranCave in Austin – Air BnB in Austin TX

Francave in Austin TX. Photo: Elizabeth Ann Foster
Francave in Austin TX. Photo: Elizabeth Ann Foster

Fanciful FranCave on Friday

A Prized Memento and Customized Sign Adorn the Kitchen Window

I realize I am writing this to a limited audience that will never witness this performance. Once a show closes, curtain down–no one else can experience that show.

However, a select few who pay close attention to their surroundings may catch a glimpse of what goes on in downtown Austin at an Airbnb right off the main drag of Lamar.

Sir Edward the Squirrel. He is reddish-brown. Five inches tall on all fours, eleven inches on his tiptoes—a regular guy: bushy tail, two eyes, two ears, two front arm/legs, two back legs—nothing noteworthy missing or impaired.

Squirrel at Francave in Austin TX. Photo: Elizabeth Ann Foster
Squirrel at Francave in Austin TX. Photo: Elizabeth Ann Foster

My husband’s name is Edward, so anything cute gets named Edward regardless of gender or self-identification. The other name is Sigmund. That is the name of my Tesla, Roomba, and all other devices you could potentially name, including but not limited to my Toto au bain. Edward, Eddie, or Ed is the preferred terminology for the living. The exception is potentially dangerous, like the alligator living behind my house in a canal in Cape Coral. His name is Adolf.


Bird feeder and bird house at Francave in Austin TX. Photo: Elizabeth Ann Foster
Bird feeder and bird house at Francave in Austin TX. Photo: Elizabeth Ann Foster

Back on Castle Avenue in the heart of downtown Austin right off Lamar, Sir Edward is trying unsuccessfully to climb up some bamboo and propel himself to a bird feeder hanging strategically in the middle of the yard with access points only for the winged. It must be an impressive meal that the owner, Fran stocks in that feeder. I do not know how long he has been at this, but this is my fourth day observing his relentless determination.

I do not know how Sir Edward has not concussed himself. He lands miraculously on his feet each time, usually on the grass or crashing into delicate pansies lining the border that are not intended as miniature trampolines. Just as he artfully misses his intended destination this last time, a blue jay swoops in and enjoys several morsels, flaunting his airborne superiority. In Sir Edwards’s eyes, I see new determination and will to leap up and grab the feeder with his two-front arm/legs. But alas, in a nanosecond it is over–he leaped back tirelessly onto the bamboo and once again missed his objective.

I observed this oasis from a recliner in a screened-in porch whose sliders open into a beautiful great room with a fireplace and carefully culled art. Nothing here is a coincidence. The viewing and gardens and even the bird feeder are placed with care to create a calming trance, encouraging one to simply stop, breathe deep, and immerse oneself in the glorious surroundings.

Fran, one of my truly great friends who has stood the test of time and tribulations, created this space for her sanity and family to enjoy. She is a curator with an eye for everything from whimsical to majestic. She affectionately has dubbed this premise the FranCave as it is for her exclusive use and retreat from the world. If she recommends it, do not hesitate.

There is a slice of paradise and views on connecting properties she does make available at:

T1: Tiny Tasteful 1

T2: Tiny Tasteful 2

T3: Tiny Tasteful 3

T4: Historic Harthan

T5: Clubhouse on Castle Hill

Sir Edward’s antics are not limited to just the FranCave of Fridays–he has been spotted equally fanciful on the adjacent properties. Oh, to be young again, full of energy with time to pursue your passion–getting seed from a feeder. It’s just not placed in a friendly way for Sir Edmund! Pull up a chair and enjoy the show.

Looking Out From the Screened-in Porch at the Clubhouse at Castle Hill (aka FranCave) - Best Place to View Sir Edward's Antics. Photo: Elizabeth Ann Foster
Looking Out From the Screened-in Porch at the Clubhouse at Castle Hill (aka FranCave) – Best Place to View Sir Edward’s Antics. Photo: Elizabeth Ann Foster


Elizabeth Ann Foster

Elizabeth Ann Foster

Harvard-educated journalist and native New Yorker, Elizabeth Ann Foster is a master chef and founder of the Natural Epicurean Culinary School based in Austin Texas. She managed and trained natural foods' chefs at Casa De Luz community macrobiotic center serving downtown Austin and is a certified Chef from the Kushi Institute and Vega Center in holistic healing and vegetarian-based culinary cuisine. A world traveler with an international perspective and diverse interests, for nearly a decade she has written reviews of Broadway and Off-Broadway theatre for The Front Row Center and New York Theatre Guide, and currently resides in both Manhattan and beautiful Southwestern Florida.

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Fanciful FranCave in Austin – Air BnB in Austin TX

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