Entry to Los Cabos Cantina. Photo by Edward Kliszus
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Edward A Kliszus

Los Cabos Cantina

Los Cabos Cantina delivered a Classic Taco with carnitas and beef with street corn, yellow rice, coleslaw, and seasonal vegetables.

Pizza at Petralunga Restaurant, Miami FL. Photo:
Florida Events
Sora Vernikoff


Petralunga is an Italian brand specializing in contemporary gourmet pizza, Mediterranean cuisine, and cocktails. Founded by Italian restaurateurs, this concept ultimately made its home in Miami. The goal of this restaurant is for a customer experience that combines pizza gourmet with mixology cocktails, a select wine list, and rocking the night away.

Margherita pizza at Sagra Pizza Bar, Miami. Photo: Sora Vernikoff
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Sora Vernikoff

Sagra Pizza Bar

Sagra Pizza Bar stands-out food for their thin-crust Roman-style pies, which are made in the outdoor space of their restaurant in an imported Italian Valoriani traditional oven. The pizzas are baked alongside a menu of grilled meats and seafood for two to three minutes at 700 degrees fueled by a wood fire.

Meatball Appetizer at Two Meatballs in the Kitchen. Photo by Elizabeth Ann Foster
Elizabeth Ann Foster

Two Meatballs in the Kitchen

Two Meatballs in the Kitchen features as a delicious starter Mama’s Meatballs consisting of three veal, beef, and pork traditionally made meatballs topped with ricotta and parmesan cheese swimming in homemade southern Italian tomato sauce.

Los Cabos Cantina


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