May Scheider as Zerbinetta in "Ariadne auf Naxos"
Music Appreciation
Edward A Kliszus

The Zerbinetta Aria

Coloratura soprano Edita Gruverova performs the virtuoso Zerbinetta aria from Richard Strauss’ Ariadne auf Naxos

Raffaele Ponti
Florida Events
Elizabeth Ann Foster

Behind The Notes with Raffaele Ponti

Maestro Ponti said “The time between the notes is at times more important than the notes and representative colors themselves. It is not always about the melody.”He continued, “Sometimes what we don’t hear what makes the piece…I remember when my parents were silent, it could be very loud.”

Frederic Chopin Etching. Public Domain
Music Appreciation
Edward A Kliszus

Arthur Rubenstein Performs Chopin

Rubinstein’s poignant, ethereal musings of the composer’s intent emanate from an intellect imbued with the refined sense from advancing years

Ars Gratia Artis. Public Domain
Art Appreciation
Edward A Kliszus

Art for the Sake of Art

The arts possess their own profound intrinsic values that enrich the human condition with beauty, laughter, piety, joy, sadness, reflection, insight, hope, and nature’s wonders, just as they provide unique venues for sharing human expression–mysteriously providing means to share one’s thoughts and imagination through more accessible means like music, dance, literature, visual art, drama, and film

Title page of the autographed score of Dvořák's Ninth Symphony. Public Domain
Edward A Kliszus

Largo from Dvořák’s New World Symphony

The Largo creates a virtual world within itself through its formal structures, expressing feelings associated with nostalgia, homesickness, death, and a yearning for the afterlife and, perhaps, better times. According to Anton Seidl, conductor of the NY Philharmonic Society orchestra for the 1893 world premiere of the work at Carnegie Hall, “it is not a good name, New World Symphony — it is homesickness, home longing (Biancolli 1947, 240).”

The Zerbinetta Aria


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