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Vermont Alpaca Store. Quechee Gorge Village. Photo Credit Sora Vernikoff
Sora Vernikoff

Weekend in Vermont

With this trip, my affection for Vermont is refortified. I look forward to another weekend of peaceful bliss in this heavenly place.

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Isaac Mizhrahi. Photo credit: Gregg Richards
Edward A Kliszus

Isaac Mizrahi at 54 Below

Misrahi is a boyish, lovable character who is bawdy, irreverent, clever, and entertaining with repartee and humor as delightful as his singing. His selection of songs seems to spring from biographical sentiment, and while he can sing to be funny, he can also touch hearts with the intense pathos, sadness, and beauty he expresses in songs like Sondheim’s “One More Kiss” from Follies. The song ended with a whisper, silence, and thunderous applause.

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